2 years

Veteran Mettle was started in September 2015 with the intent to share positive insights, and knowledge (from positive and negative experiences) within the veteran community. In the two years since, we have found that we pull examples, insights, and knowledge from many sources, not just military or veteran. Going forward we want to reach many people, not only veterans.

In the next couple months, we will be transitioning our content, and message to include a broader audience. As we do this, we will drop the word veteran from our name, and keep the word mettle.

Our focus will continue to be on mettle – a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to handle a difficult situation in a spirited and resilient way – vigor and strength of spirit.

We want to highlight examples of mettle from anywhere it’s found. Our hope is that more people can find us, relate, and apply what they see, to their own lives; bettering themselves, and those around them.

We will continue to discover, gather, and disseminate resources and tools to maintain or improve mental and physical wellness.

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