Small difference… perhaps

There’s a trend among some people currently, who have never served in the military, but are purchasing military themed gear, and wearing it, showing it off and talking about it. Don’t get me wrong, some gear that the military uses has application outside of the military as well, that’s not the stuff I’m talking about.

I’ll just say this: if you want the gear that is issued to service members, then you can simply enlist or commission to have the gear issued to you. Otherwise, go ahead and purchase whatever gear you want, but while wearing it, showing it, and talking about it, always be aware that you bought it, you were not issued that gear. Small difference to you perhaps, but it’s a fucking world of difference to those that had it issued to them.
There’s a fine line between acting a part, and supporting those who have lived the part. Don’t just be a culture vulture. It’s one thing to identify as something, it’s entirely different to live as it.

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