Less familiar is better than familiar

Jake Walsh of Veteran Mettle talks about this specific workout.

I took familiar movements: farmers carry with kettlebells, clean+front squats, & burpees, and made them slightly less familiar in order to stave off fragility. I sometimes fall prey to thinking that training is enough, and it simply isn’t.

I train too often in the realm of ideals, taking many things for granted. Uniform weights, quality gear, environmental conditions (fresh air & air conditioning), lights, clean water, bathrooms, flat ground, physical security, piece of mind, etc. Training is better than not, but only training ideally will make me only proficient in ideals.

I made tiny modifications to this workout by taping a 1.25# plate to one of the kettlebells, by loading the barbell with 147.5# instead of a typical amount, and by going barefooted. Familiar movements made slightly less familiar. This causes me to: pay closer attention, be more aware of how my body feels, and move with intent. Progressively I can, and will, layer modifications.

Ended up doing 10 rounds of this, one round every 3 minutes. Kb farmers carry down and back, 1 clean+4 front squats, 10 burpees.

Song: Rise Against – Tragedy +Time

via https://youtu.be/gGHcV08nH0A

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