Mettle in the movies – Good Will Hunting

Mettle in the movies – using popular movies as examples to identify, and explore what Mettle is and why it’s valuable.

Good Will Hunting is all about a Boston kid who grew up in foster care, he was physically and mentally abused, in and out of court and jails as he grew up. – There’s some adversity, some repeated, enduring adversity that he’s been dealt, at a young age, with nobody to protect him, or to guide him.

He rebels against relationships, authority, laws, rules, and assistance. He’s a genius though, a gifted kid in math and he runs into a couple adults who are intrigued by him for different reasons. One hopes to shape Will, to wield his mind more effectively; one hopes to see Will’s spirit made whole again.

This movie is an incredible example of mettle (a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties, or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way; vigor and strength of spirit). This movie follows Will as he begrudgingly makes progress; confronting vulnerability, mending his spirit, and valuing personal relationships.

No matter how deep he was cut, scraped, beaten or bruised, Will’s spirit kept burning inside. Deep down, beyond the broken bones, the black eyes, and the bloodied clothes, deeper than anything physical could reach was Will’s spirit, burning still, to maybe trust again someday. Vigor and strength of spirit; no matter the physical toll, he could not be “broken” entirely.

This story is moving. This film is supported by an incredible cast. This movie is in my top 10, without a doubt, and probably my top 5 of all time.

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