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Mettle in the movies – using popular movies as examples to identify, and explore what Mettle is and why it’s valuable. Resiliency of human spirit.

I’ve heard people say, this is a boxing movie, with drama. Or this is a hard-hitting movie, that doesn’t let up, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as boxer Billy Hope. I’d call this a movie about life, with boxing in it.

There are parts of this movie that are rough; whether it’s the writing, the acting, the filming, or the combination, I’m not sure. This movie is about Billy Hope’s fall from the top of the world, his struggles, and his attempts to rebuild his life, and find contentment.

One of the interesting parts of this story, is that Billy recognizes he needs to completely adapt himself in order to keep moving forward, we see his resistance to this, and it’s conveyed in a relate-able way.

I feel that this movie pulls you in, ties you up, dishes some emotional jabs, and leaves you thinking.

Billy Hope is human, this movie shows the range of emotions that are a product of being human, and experiencing life’s unexpected events. What I took from this movie was that the human spirit can be badly beaten, but still prevail, depending on who is wielding it’s force. The mettle that resides deep inside us can be inspirational to so many, but we have to show it. Be the example.

It’s inspirational to see someone continue to push themselves, always trying to improve. It’s even more inspirational when that person has all the reasons not to keep pushing themselves, and they do in spite of that. Billy Hope is made of mettle, and the world is a better place for it.

Great writing, cast and soundtrack. This movie is probably near or in my top 10.


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